Chauffeur VTC mariages 1

Wedding VTC chauffeur:

We have all dreamed of this day, every single detail that can make the picture so perfect. And nothing can make the picture more perfect than being in the centre of it. TGT is here for that. There’s no way to get more noticed than arriving at your wedding like kings and queens in a one-of-a-kind luxury Mercedes, or a stunning premium car of your choice. With TGT, you will be pampered as you deserve, and your most magnificent day of your life will forever be alive. For the most special day of your life, we offer you a fleet of luxury cars of colours and styles of your choice. On D-day, our private driver will be waiting for you right on time and will take care of everything from A to Z, to ensure you a service that exceeds your expectations and meets your needs. Not only that, our married couple can also enjoy a photoshoot session with the vehicle to seize the moment as much as possible.

Guest cars:

We also offer vehicles with private drivers (VTC) available to pick-up or drop-off your family member, your friends or guests. Your loved ones would be in complete comfort and safety. They will have fun and have plenty of time to enjoy themselves rather than worrying about being behind the wheel.

Leave the organisation to us. We will make your arrival and that of your guests as comfortable as possible, so you’re ready to go !